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Купить WAVE Full Silicone Cover 35237 - Ncase Купить WAVE Full Silicone Cover 35237 - Ncase
36 models
4 design
WAVE Full Silicone Cover
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Купить WAVE Shell Case 31892 - Ncase Купить WAVE Shell Case 31892 - Ncase
24 models
1 design
WAVE Shell Case
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Купить WAVE Shine Case 35321 - Ncase Купить WAVE Shine Case 35321 - Ncase
15 models
6 designs
WAVE Shine Case
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Купить WXD Силикон 0.8 mm HQ 34679 - Ncase Купить WXD Силикон 0.8 mm HQ 34679 - Ncase
44 models
1 design
WXD Силикон 0.8 mm HQ
Купить Acid Color Case 32899 - Ncase Купить Acid Color Case 32899 - Ncase
12 models
3 design
Acid Color Case
Купить Baseus Simple (TPU) iPhone 23263 - Ncase Купить Baseus Simple (TPU) iPhone 23263 - Ncase
9 models
1 design
Baseus Simple (TPU) iPhone
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Купить Confetti Jelly Case (TPU) iPhone 31072 - Ncase Купить Confetti Jelly Case (TPU) iPhone 31072 - Ncase
Купить Coteetci Bumber Metal iPhone 29988 - Ncase Купить Coteetci Bumber Metal iPhone 29988 - Ncase
1 model
4 design
Coteetci Bumber Metal iPhone
Купить Defense Live Series (TPU+Metal) iPhone 30160 - Ncase Купить Defense Live Series (TPU+Metal) iPhone 30160 - Ncase
Купить Defense Shield Series (Metal+PC+TPU) iPhone 30022 - Ncase Купить Defense Shield Series (Metal+PC+TPU) iPhone 30022 - Ncase
Consumer Electronics
Купить Car Charger Proove Kely Car (2USB) 34910 - Ncase Купить Car Charger Proove Kely Car (2USB) 34910 - Ncase
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Купить Solove Power Bank MagSafe 15W 5000 mAh 35278 - Ncase Купить Solove Power Bank MagSafe 15W 5000 mAh 35278 - Ncase
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Купить Wall Charger Acefast A1 PD 20W (1 Type-C) 33101 - Ncase Купить Wall Charger Acefast A1 PD 20W (1 Type-C) 33101 - Ncase
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Купить Wall Charger Acefast A13 PD 65W (2 Type-C + USB) 33098 - Ncase Купить Wall Charger Acefast A13 PD 65W (2 Type-C + USB) 33098 - Ncase
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Купить Wall Charger Acefast A21 GaN 30W (1 Type-C ) 35524 - Ncase Купить Wall Charger Acefast A21 GaN 30W (1 Type-C ) 35524 - Ncase
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Купить Wall Charger Acefast A9 PD 40W (2 Type-C) 33099 - Ncase Купить Wall Charger Acefast A9 PD 40W (2 Type-C) 33099 - Ncase
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Everything for the car
Купить Auto Holder For Glasses Baseus Platinum Vehicle Paste type 29460 - Ncase Купить Auto Holder For Glasses Baseus Platinum Vehicle Paste type 29460 - Ncase
Купить Baseus Beetle Vehicle Hook 30528 - Ncase Купить Baseus Beetle Vehicle Hook 30528 - Ncase
14 models
2 design
Baseus Beetle Vehicle Hook
Купить Car Holder Acefast D5 35532 - Ncase Купить Car Holder Acefast D5 35532 - Ncase
45 models
1 design
Car Holder Acefast D5
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Купить Car Holder Baseus Big Mouth Pro Car Mount 29241 - Ncase Купить Car Holder Baseus Big Mouth Pro Car Mount 29241 - Ncase
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Купить Car Holder Baseus Cube Gravity Vehicle Mounted 24001 - Ncase Купить Car Holder Baseus Cube Gravity Vehicle Mounted 24001 - Ncase
Купить Car Holder Baseus Glaze Gravity Car Mount 29242 - Ncase Купить Car Holder Baseus Glaze Gravity Car Mount 29242 - Ncase
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Купить Car Holder Baseus Gravity Car Mount 18047 - Ncase Купить Car Holder Baseus Gravity Car Mount 18047 - Ncase

Why and how are mobile accessories ordered in bulk

The production of mobile accessories is concentrated in China. It is here, in particular, in the “Silicon Valley” of the Celestial Empire, the city of Shenzhen, that most of the factories producing aesthetic, technical, and protective accessories that gadget owners use with their devices are located.

Unlike products from original manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung, mobile accessories from China have two key advantages:

  • price — with a comparable quality of materials, the user pays much less than for the original product, in which most of the cost is determined by brand marketing;

  • large selection — high competition creates a supply market where it is possible to choose a product for every taste.

In this regard, trading platforms that deliver orders around the world have developed: AliExpress, Taobao, Joom, Banggood, and others. However, when ordering mobile accessories from China, people often face the following problems:

  1. Prolonged delivery times. Postal services can deliver a parcel for a month or more. If a person has purchased a new smartphone, it is simply impossible to leave it without protection or a charger for a month.
  2. Unknown quality. When placing an order, the user can judge the quality of the product only by the photos on the site, the relevance of which depends on the honesty of the seller, or by reviews. Yes, if the arrived goods are of unsatisfactory quality, the buyer can open a dispute and potentially make a return, but the time is wasted, and the mood is ruined.
  3. The requirement for in-depth subject knowledge. The description of the product on the site contains only the technical characteristics of the device, and often the completeness of the information leaves much to be desired. In addition, the value of one or another parameter is often not obvious to a person — and this is normal, because no one has to know by heart the electrochemical characteristics of gallium nitride.

Therefore, retail stores, specializing in electronics, order products in bulk, and the user can come and see, hold it in their hands, try, and choose the right product, as well as consult with the seller, who sees a lot of similar products every day, knows their properties, and can suggest the best option.

Marketers divide wholesale sales into 3 categories: small, medium, and large. An experienced supplier understands that the individual needs of a retail outlet require the formation of individual business processes that take into account the characteristics of each category.

Mobile accessories in small-scale wholesale

In small-scale wholesale, the client makes a selection of products for the required smartphone models and selects a specific palette of colors and styles. Such orders have a small depth — from 1 to 5 units of items, but cover a wide range of products.

The entrepreneur gets the opportunity to form a competitive assortment at a relatively low cost.

Mobile accessories in middle-scale wholesale

In middle-scale wholesale, the assortment width is approximately the same as in small-scale wholesale, but the depth and frequency of orders differ, since a pool of flagship positions is formed, which are ordered in larger quantities, depending on the product category.

When choosing a business model based on the type of middle-scale wholesale, the customer has the opportunity to receive more favorable prices. In addition, its point of sale will experience fewer refusals and outflows of customers due to the fact that positions in demand are quickly sold out.

Mobile accessories in large-scale wholesale

In large-scale wholesaling, mobile accessories are most often ordered with the help of the manager, since their order registration requires additional consultations and approvals, especially on the cost of goods. In this regard, part of the range goes into the area of ​​individual offers.

Also, the order format itself affects the change in the price of goods in large scale wholesaling, since the client can place a pre-order, which will be included in the invoice in China.

No need to make a new order every 1-3 days gives the customer the opportunity to conveniently plan their costs and internal workflows, and large deliveries provide the most favorable prices.


  1. Mobile accessories from third-party manufacturers from China occupy a significant niche in the electronics market due to an acceptable price-quality ratio.
  2. It is much easier, more comfortable and faster for the average user to purchase the desired product in a retail store than to order it directly from abroad.
  3. By ordering wholesale mobile accessories, retail entrepreneurs get the opportunity to meet the needs of their target audience, make a profit, and grow their business.
  4. There are various models of wholesale trade with individual advantages and different levels of required financial costs. The entrepreneur chooses the volume of purchases based on the needs of his outlet. In an ideal situation, a supplier manager can develop an optimal purchasing strategy together with an entrepreneur, but we will focus on this in the next article.

Where to order mobile accessories in bulk in Ukraine?

Ncase is the largest wholesale distributor of mobile accessories in Ukraine and has operated in the country's market since 2013. The company has established its own department in Shenzhen, where it selects and buys the products of advanced local manufacturers and exports them to Ukraine.

Below, we will analyze the reasons why 1700+ B2B clients have used the services of Ncase.


Ncase takes a principled position regarding product quality, considering it one of the most important factors in the formation of customer loyalty. Each unit of goods undergoes manual visual quality control in three stages:

  • upon acceptance from a manufacturer in China;

  • upon acceptance at a warehouse in Odesa;

  • when sent to the customer.


All categories of mobile accessories have a warranty, and if defects are found, a 100% exchange is guaranteed.

Comfortable ordering

It is easiest to order mobile accessories in bulk at Ncase since the account is activated within a short time after registration—already with an individual price type and a personal manager. After that, it is enough just to collect all the necessary items in the cart and confirm the order.

Besides that, the site's functionality is very ergonomic and optimized for the user’s comfort:

  • the "express buying" function allows you to select and add to your cart various designs and models of mobile accessories within the same series without going to the product page;

  • the site marks the accessories already added to the cart and shows their quantity;

  • every product page contains all the information about the given item: photos, characteristics, descriptions, models, and designs available;

  • in the cart, you can group goods based on the model and mass control the number of units in your order.

For those who prefer ordering in person, or if certain coordination will be required, there is always an option of ordering with the help of the sales manager—in a phone conversation, or through a messenger.

Customer support system

At all stages of cooperation, from order approval to after-sales service, Ncase provides service support for partners, including the following aspects:

  1. Product consultations. Each personal manager in the sales department has up-to-date knowledge of the mobile accessories presented in the assortment, regularly improves his skills, and can both provide comprehensive information on product features and the latest trends and recommend the best positions for ordering.
  2. Profile technical support is available 7 days a week.
  3. Active involvement in solving marketing problems.
  4. Provision of media content created in the Ncase studio for placement on the client's web resources (online stores, Instagram pages, etc.), with the convenient and intuitive upload.
  5. It's easy to work with prices and stocks that are updated in real-time.
  6. Feedback on products comes from the retailer to the commerce department and is taken into account when forming the assortment. Thus, Ncase offers its partners exactly those mobile accessories that fully meet their needs and have high liquidity.
  7. The Telegram channel of the company publishes information about new arrivals and announces special offers and sales for comfortable procurement planning.
  8. Automatic connection to the affiliate program after registration.

Assembly and delivery of orders

The work of the Ncase warehouse in Odesa is cyclical and regulated, which allows for improving the order picking process, facilitating and speeding up the process of receiving goods for the client:

  • On average, it takes 2 hours from the moment the order is confirmed to the moment it is ready for shipment. The status of the order is tracked in the personal account, and the customer knows exactly when their goods will arrive.

  • During assembly, all products are reinspected for visible defects. The picking sequence fully corresponds to the listing sequence of items on the invoice, so acceptance on the retail side is quick and painless.

  • Mobile accessories are completed with all the necessary documents (invoice, warranty conditions, warranty cards, if provided by the manufacturer, etc.).

  • 80% of orders are dispatched on the same day they are placed, thus ensuring the fastest possible delivery time.

Trendy assortment

The company's commercial department is in constant contact with representatives in China, receiving from them the latest information on market trends, new models, and the most advanced technological developments in the industry. Combining this information with feedback received from retail partners, Ncase experts maintain the largest assortment in the niche (over 15,000 SKUs), while simultaneously phasing out obsolete and illiquid positions and integrating mobile accessories for new gadget models. Thanks to a well-established information exchange system and a unique logistics system, trends and novelties are offered to customers 2 weeks earlier than the industry average.

Summing up the above, Ncase can be confidently called the market leader in the wholesale supply of mobile accessories in Ukraine, an innovative and customer-oriented company that strives to fully meet the needs of a partner within its field of activity.


Mobile accessories wholesale in Odesa and Ukraine

The range of goods we offer is rather varied. Between all the popular models that we offer, you can single out brand cases for iPhone and iPad, cases for top smartphones, reasonably priced cases and back covers for the largest range of phones and tablets, wide selection of protective glasses and films, headphones, chargers, power banks, cables and adapters, memory cards, holders, etc.

The main assortment of accessories for mobile phones can be divided into such groups

  1. Phone cases wholesale
  2. Protective glasses wholesale
  3. Accessories for mobile phones wholesale
  4. Power banks wholesale
  5. Protective films wholesale

On our website, you can buy mobile accessories in Odesa or order delivery anywhere in Ukraine! You can also visit our showrooms in Odesa, Kyiv and Lviv.

You can buy wholesale covers for smartphones and tablets according to the following criteria


  • back cover aka basic case - is the most popular type of case, as it protects almost the entire gadget and has a variety of colors and thicknesses, from ultra-thin 0.3 mm to bulky ones. The battery case is also of this type and is popular among those who carrying a power bank is inconvenient for;
  • bumpers - are usually bought by those who want to keep the original design of the phone, but at the same time want to embellish it and protect the most vulnerable places;
  • books - are very reliable in terms of protection, since the touch zone is completely covered, and the phone itself is securely fixed;
  • sports — this type of cases is often sold together with casual cases, as it is particularly convenient to use when playing sports;
  • extreme — those are secure cases that protect the device from the strongest impacts and water ingress.


  • silicone softens the fall impact well, almost does not increase the volume and weight of the phone, high-quality Silicone case can be easily removed and sits tightly on the smartphone. A wide variety of designs;
  • leather is respectable and pleasant to touch;
  • metal is durable and reliable, but increases the weight of the gadget;
  • wood is light, environmentally friendly and has an original look;
  • textile — fabric cases, just like silicone cases, are light and have many colors, but provide less protection against falls.

Protective glasses and films are bought in bulk based on the following considerations

  • phone glasses are more popular than films, the assortment includes 2D/3D/4D/5D;
  • with an anti-reflective, protective, retaining layer and an oleophobic coating, self-adhesive glasses should be singled out separately;
  • films provide less protection at a lower cost.

Chargers and cables are ordered by all accessories stores, because the product has a high frequency of repeat orders

We have a wide range, all the models for all needs. Chargers — automotive, wall (mains), wireless, docking stations. Cables — USB, AUX, OTG, adapters 2/1, 3/1, USB micro, USB Lightning, Type-C, etc.

Power bank wholesale is of middle segment of the price category

Belong to high-tech devices. Main selection criteria:

  • compatibility;
  • capacity;
  • manufacturer;
  • design;
  • weight and size.

Available with multiple USB ports, LED flashlights, digital indicators, and also there are wireless power banks.

Headphones are bought based on need. There are the such types:

  • vacuum — since the in-ear headphones that come with the smartphone do not have a sufficient level of noise isolation, many replace them with vacuum headphones, which are the most popular among users of mobile accessories;
  • overhead — have better sound quality than the previous ones, are often used in offices, as they do not create a feeling of heaviness during prolonged use;
  • full-size — this type is more suitable for studio sound work or for lovers of listening to loud and high-quality music on the computer. Compared to other models, they have a fairly high price, therefore they are focused on a specific audience of clients;
  • You can also buy a Bluetooth headset in bulk — drivers, athletes and people whose occupation is associated with numerous telephone conversations are of particular interest in it.

Portable speakers are a strong sales trend

A modern and sought-after product that continues to be modernized, offering the consumer more and more new features, namely:

  • built-in radio tuner;
  • speaker;
  • equalizer with a variety of visual effects;
  • clock, alarm clock, timer;
  • flashlight;
  • battery charge indicator;
  • USB/SD/MMS ports;
  • AirPlay technology for Apple technology, which allows you to interact with any equipment.

The sound is also constantly being improved: mono / stereo, subwoofer, different number of speakers. All of this allows us to offer the customer a wide range of compact speakers from cheap to expensive, with a variety of designs and options.

General smartphone accessories

Mobile accessories have the widest range, from which the following categories can be distinguished:

  • selfie sticks;
  • desktop stands and phone holders;
  • adapters;
  • smartwatches;
  • iPhone displays;
  • packages;
  • Micro SD cards;
  • remax power banks, etc.

Ncase is one of the best wholesale suppliers in Ukraine specialized on mobile accessories and cases.

Most often, the following groups of goods are bought from us:

  • covers wholesale
  • mobile accessories wholesale
  • phone glasses wholesale
  • chargers wholesale


Why are mobile accessories becoming more popular every year?

Sales of mobile tech are growing every year. Urbanization, the acceleration of the pace of life, the development of a consumer culture, and globalization are among the many factors that have made it impossible to imagine a modern person’s life without gadgets.

Mobile accessories have become an essential companion for portable electronics because they expand users’ capabilities, add new functions, and decorate and protect their favorite devices, emphasizing and complementing the owner's individuality and lifestyle. They are conditionally divided into 3 groups: aesthetic, technical, and protective, and we will focus on each of them in detail.

Aesthetic mobile accessories

The smartphone case is one of the top 10 selling mobile accessories. This is primarily due to the frequency of use of this particular gadget. According to research by Counterpoint Research, 74% of smartphone users spend 3 to 7 hours a day on them. From such intensive use of the device, it follows that the smartphone:

  1. - is constantly in sight;

  2. - is exposed to an increased risk of damage;

  3. - tritely bores the owner.

The user does what is most rational in such a situation — purchases a smartphone case that protects it from everyday risks of falls, bumps, scratches, and abrasions, updates the visual design, and also demonstrates the owner’s taste to others.

However, gadget aesthetics include not only smartphone cases, but also tablet cases, laptop cases and bags, smartwatch straps, wireless earphone cases, ring holders, pop sockets, and the like. Made from a variety of materials, from silicone and plastic to wood, glass, and even stone, they come in an endless variety of designs that range from classic solid colors to original designs and merchandise from trending movies, TV shows, bands, and more.

At the bottom line, all aesthetic mobile accessories, from a smartphone case to a holder, serve the following purpose: to protect and decorate the gadget simultaneously.


A guide to aesthetic accessories

  1. Smartphone cases
  2. Tablet cases
  3. Cases and bags for laptops
  4. Smartwatch straps
  5. Headphone cases
  6. Pop Socket
  7. Ring holders
  8. Cases for AirTag

Technical mobile accessories

Technical accessories include all mobile accessories that help us maintain our devices, as well as make their use more convenient and provide the user with additional opportunities. This is charging, synchronizing with other devices, downloading and uploading various files, from photos to music. Thus, this group includes mains, wireless and portable chargers, cables, adapters, and hubs. A separate group in this category includes products for drivers: car chargers, power banks, with which you can start the engine of your iron horse, car holders, music players and FM transmitters, fragrances, parking signs, portable vacuum cleaners, road lamps, evacuation tools, and a lot more items that will be useful to both the owner of the car and their passengers.

The technologies for the production of these mobile accessories are constantly evolving: they are equipped with touch controls, smart chips that control power circuits, digital displays, built-in magnets for fixing, induction coils for wireless charging, and this is far from the limit of their capabilities.

A guide to technical accessories

  1. Wall chargers
  2. Wireless chargers
  3. Car chargers
  4. Portable chargers (Power banks)
  5. Cables
  6. Car holders with wireless charging
  7. Car mounts
  8. Parking signs
  9. Air fragrance
  10. Car lamps
  11. Portable vacuum cleaners
  12. HUB
  13. OTG
  14. Cardreaders
  15. AUX adapters
  16. Adapters

Protective mobile accessories

The name of the category speaks for itself — these are products designed to prevent damage to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other consumer electronics. This is necessary for two reasons:

  • - so that the device works properly and lasts as long as possible;

  • - to keep the perfect appearance of the gadget for the entire period of use, as well as for subsequent resale, because second-hand products with a non-marketable appearance are not in demand and their price is low.


The most fragile element of the device is, of course, the display. A broken display is the second most common problem that gadget owners turn to service and repair centers for. And the cost of replacing it is often only slightly less than the price of the device itself. That is why the largest niche of all protective mobile accessories is occupied by glasses and films. They cover the part of the smartphone that is sensitive to shocks, scratches, and abrasions, literally taking all the damage on themselves — and replacing them is much easier and cheaper.

The production of protective accessories is also constantly developing and improving, keeping up with the times. 3D glasses followed the EDGE displays with curved edges because their completely flat predecessors were not able to protect the rounded edges of the display. Manufacturers equip their products with additional features, releasing protective glasses that filter blue emission from gadget displays and reduce the amount of glare on the screen, as well as modifying the composition of the adhesive and oleophobic coating, thanks to which the glass is easier to adhere to the smartphone, holds better, and also becomes smoother and more pleasant to the touch.

Protective films are not far behind, because they are chosen by users who care that the gadget retains its original design and control sensitivity. Modern hydrogel films have a self-repair function, regenerating scuffs and scratches within 24 hours after the appearance.

The back panel and sides of gadgets can also suffer from cracks, chips, and wear, especially in devices with a glass casing. Here, special films with designs come to the rescue, which are available with various patterns and types of coating. Suitable for any type of gadget, protective films with designs hide existing defects, protect the case from new damage, and also refresh the appearance of your favorite electronic assistant.

A guide to protective accessories

  1. Protective glasses
  2. Protective films
  3. Hydrogel films
  4. Films with designs

Thus, mobile accessories have become indispensable assistants for gadget owners, allowing them to acquire a new user experience while contributing to self-expression and maintaining the performance and flawless appearance of their electronics.


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