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A little about our company
To increase our clients’ profitability by providing the most stylish items for any taste. Be the first with us!
Our quality increases your competitiveness. We want to help you build your reputation, expand, and increase the number of loyal customers. Therefore, we review each unit of goods and do not accept even the slightest defects. With us, you purchase products that are guaranteed to receive positive feedback from your customers.

We are the only ones in our niche who have a representative office in China. This advantage helps us select the best suppliers and check the quality of goods on the spot.

We check the products three times for defects and damage:

1. Before shipping from China.

2. During the receipt of goods at a warehouse in Odesa.

3. Before sending to the client, when we complete the order.

We are attentive to defects, so we do not accept more than 30% of products that come from China. Such integrity encourages our suppliers to send us the best-quality products. We’ve achieved the lowest defect rate in the market, which is less than 1%.

We study all the main suppliers, thanks to which we get the best offers and conditions. We receive monthly shipments from more than 300 unique exporters. We regularly monitor the market in search of new collaborations in order to offer you favorable conditions in terms of quality and price.

speed and
With us, you will always be the first. We adhere to the principle of "Be the first". Therefore, we set up the company's business processes in such a way that you are the first to receive the most relevant products, and the first to sell them to the end consumer. We understand that this approach increases the turnover of goods and, therefore, your profit.
70–80% of orders are shipped on the day of purchase, so you can sell the most popular products as quickly as possible.
The start of sales for most trending positions is 10-20 days earlier than the industry average. Every Monday at 9.30, we offer you market news and stock updates.
We have built our own logistics system, so we can bring new goods 2 times faster. Products that have a seasonal interest or an urgent need are sent by air. So that you get them on your shelves at the time of the greatest demand and earlier than your competitors.
We achieve high speed because all departments of the company work on a weekly cycle. You always know when new items arrive, when you receive your order, and when it will be on your shelves.
Our service is aimed at comfort and stability. By the concept of service, we mean the speed of service, the quality of goods, the study of feedback from you, the level of managers’ expertise, and the continuous improvement of processes. We have achieved consistency in all aspects regarding pricing, discount system, payment terms, etc. Thanks to this, you will always understand clearly what to expect from your cooperation with us.
We reach an agreement on the order details and check the parcels before sending them. We pack all items in the order they are on the invoice to speed up your receipt of the goods.
The company’s management studies your suggestions and comments at weekly meetings. Based on them, we improve our services to make your cooperation with us even more profitable for you.
We open showrooms so that you can view and evaluate the product before buying it. We are modernizing the online store to speed up the ordering process and make it easier for you.
terms of
Warranty obligations are established for each category of goods, and installment payments are available for all orders. We are confident in the quality of our products, so we provide favorable warranty conditions. Understanding how important it is for you to evaluate and check each unit of goods before paying, we have developed an installment payment system for you. Our payment schedule will help you avoid accumulating debt and will also allow us to build profitable and long-term relationships.
The maximum installment period is 3 weeks, which reduces your risk of accumulating stale goods and helps you avoid any debt.
You can return any product within 7 days from the invoice date if, for some reason, it did not meet your expectations.
We provide payment by installments subject to certain volumes of purchases and a history of cooperation. Individual cases are discussed with the manager.
You get a guarantee on all products. You get a guarantee on all products. All terms and conditions are specified in the "Rules of returns" and a copy is attached to each invoice.
The value of the purchase exceeds its price. We strive to help you create a stable and expandable business. Our pricing system will allow you to plan your purchase costs with precision. And our price/quality ratio will help you take and maintain a leading position in the market, attracting more and more regular customers.
We build the right and long-term relationships with suppliers, thanks to which we get the most advantageous offers for the price. Which we then offer to you.
We treat price formation systematically. You clearly understand what you pay for and how much.
We buy goods in large volumes, which allows us to offer you a competitive price for high quality.
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