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iPad 2/3/4

A wide range of accessories for iPad 2/3/4 Mobile and tablet accessories shop “Ncase” offers a wide range of iPad 2/3/4 cases for wholesale purchase. The case is an important accessory of the tablet. Due to the presence of a cover, the equipment is protected from external influences (scratches, etc.). Our wholesale store offers cases of various configurations, colors and manufacturers. Assortment of covers and other goods for products of TM "Apple" The buyer is given a choice of accessories for the iPad 2/3/4 of the two most popular manufacturers: Apple; Remax. Remax offers its customers various products for gadgets. In our store there are screen protectors for iPad 2/3/4 in matte and glossy finishes. The advantage of matte films is protection from light reflections, a pleasant appearance and the absence of a sliding effect on the screen. Gloss - best conveys color, and the image remains saturated. Apple offers its customers original cases for the tablet. Here you can buy Smart Cover iPad 2/3/4 at a great price and in 5 colors: The black. Gold. Gray. Red. White. The cost of goods is the same for cases of any of the available colors. Material - high quality leather. The advantage is that a case made of natural materials will last for many years. In addition to leather cases on the iPad 2/3/4, there are silicone and rubber ones. They come in a variety of shapes, colors and textures. Protective glasses for iPad 2/3/4 - come without packaging. Produced by the Apple brand, which provides them with a good demand and quality assurance. The glass thickness of 0.26 mm does not affect the performance of the device. Accessories for iPad 2/3/4 are sold in bulk for various categories of customers. The assortment of the store includes goods not only for Apple products, but for brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei / Honor and many others. Ncase is always happy to provide information about its products. The feedback received indicates the reliability of the store and the quality of the products. The sale of goods is carried out not only at one point in Odessa. Purchasing accessories online can save you a lot of time. We will deliver the goods to any point in Ukraine and provide free shipping, when buying goods in the amount of $ 100.
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