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ACHILLES is a brand of premium protective glasses for the latest generations of Apple smartphones. They are manufactured in accordance with Japanese quality standards and undergo multi-level testing.
By focusing on a limited list of models, the manufacturer was able to maximize the design and characteristics of the glass, achieving excellent functional parameters. These include a hardness level of 9H, preservation of sensor sensitivity and screen color reproduction by 100%, and an oleophobic coating that withstands 10,000 swipes.
KAIJU is the highest quality protective glass with a specially designed five-layer structure. Available for Apple smartphones.
Each layer of protective glass is designed to make iPhone more resistant to damage and easier to use. Japanese materials are used in the production, and the packaging design is inspired by Japanese culture.
PIXEL is the brand of Full Screen glasses that are available for Apple smartphones and have the best performance in the mid-range security accessories category.
Each PIXEL glass has 4D corner and side rounding, 9H hardness, and anti-reflective function.
Acefast is a trademark of Shenzhen Houshuxia Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2020. The company claims the mission to improve the global vision of branded consumer electronics from China and is focused on the research, development, design, and implementation of smart electronics and digital equipment.
The name is made up of two words: "Ace"—"first-class" and "Fast"—"speed"—to emphasize the quality of products and the rapid integration of new technologies.
Ncase is the exclusive distributor of Acefast products in Ukraine and abroad, providing consumers with highly standardized products.


A brand of technical accessories and gadgets created by the Chinese company Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. in 2011.
The name "Baseus" is an abbreviation for the phrase "Base on User", which is the brand's slogan and means that all the company's developments are focused on a positive user experience.
Their own engineering laboratory tests the quality of each product and develops design solutions and innovations. Baseus Laboratory certification guarantees the high performance and functionality of the product.
The brand's products combine aesthetic design, ergonomics, and advanced technologies, thanks to which they are in demand in 180 countries.
Hoco is a multicategory brand established in 2009 by Hoco Technology (HongKong) Co., Ltd. The range includes chargers and cables, smartphone and vehicle accessories, audio equipment, and home and office products.
The concept of the company is to combine functionality and practical design, creating simple and convenient products with proven quality and affordable price.
Proove is a Ukrainian brand of a new generation of personal electric transport.
The name Proove comes from an abbreviation of the phrase "Product with love," with which the company signifies the desire to make movement in urban environments more comfortable by designing, manufacturing, and promoting environmentally friendly vehicles.
In just a year of existence, Proove products entered the top Ukrainian electric transport list according to the largest network retailers.
Blade Screen Protection is a brand of innovative solutions for protecting mobile gadgets, founded in 2017. 
The brand's first products were introduced in 2018: ultra-tough full-adhesive protective glasses and glass-coated films that combine strength and flexibility. 
In 2020, the Blade plotter was created, a breakthrough technological solution that allows retail outlets to cut protective films on the spot, at the request of the client and for a specific model of their device. 
By purchasing consumables instead of ready-made films, business owners were able to optimize their costs and get rid of losses due to unsold balances. Furthermore, the functionality of hydrogel films for the plotter contributed to increased sales in this product category.
WAVE is a brand of aesthetic and protective accessories for smartphones, created to provide the user with a wide range of stylish items with guaranteed quality.
The brand's slogan, "Every Time Better," emphasizes the desire for advancement and improvement, expressed in the development of new designs, the emergence of new product categories in the catalog, and the expansion of the model range, which includes all the latest models of Apple and Android gadgets.

Choetech is a brand of electronic products and accessories for them, which was established in 2012. It specializes in chargers, with a focus on wireless technologies and solar power.


The brand’s philosophy aims at creating products and technologies that not only will be easily compatible with any person’s lifestyle but will also contribute to the protection of the environment. Combining this approach with rigor to the quality and ergonomics of each product, Choetech successfully wins the market and the hearts of consumers, having already sold more than 200 million wireless chargers and supplying products to distributors in 80 countries.

WiWU is a brand of travel accessories and mobile gadgets, created in 2011 under the motto "Designed for a mobile lifestyle". 
The name is derived from the capital letters "Warm, Unique, Inspire" and shows the concept of the brand, which is a focus on the person, a reflection of their personality, and inspiration. 
WiWU accessories include travel and everyday bags, laptop bags, cases for laptops, smartphones, and tablets, as well as mains and car chargers, adapters, USB hubs, gadget holders, and other products designed for a modern and active consumer.

WXD is a brand of cases that are made in China. They are the choice of consumers who are looking for basic smartphone protection accessories, as they are made of transparent silicone for a wide range of models (iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei) and are characterized by a low price.

Ultimate Experience is a brand of low-budget accessories that provide your smartphone with enhanced protection.
These are TPU shockproof cases with carbon fiber coating and protective edges around the display and/or camera. Often equipped with reinforced corners for additional shock absorption. Suitable for a wide range of smartphone models, including iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor, Huawei and OnePlus.
SkinArma is an ultra-modern brand inspired by Japanese culture and the Harajuku youth street style in Tokyo.
The brand is focused on the production of accessories that combine bright and distinctive design with high-end materials and premium workmanship. The expressive style of SkinArma cases has won the hearts of fans in China, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries, and is especially popular among owners of Apple gadgets.
Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is a prestigious California polo club. Its history began in 1894, when a polo match was held in the city of Santa Barbara as part of an exhibition. The United States Polo Association registered the club in 1911, and the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club brand was formed at the same time, so today it has celebrated its 110th anniversary.
POLO's aesthetic accessories are made of high-quality materials and stand out with their elegant, noble design, inspired by the atmosphere of Hollywood chic and the Californian elite's life.
Lovely Stream is a brand of LED lighting products for professional and home use.
Key products are LED ring lamps, designed to provide quality lighting in everyday and studio environments. They are widely used by photographers, content makers, and beauty professionals as they provide uniform light with the ability to control temperature, intensity, and color, do not cause heat, glare, or flicker, and are easy and convenient to use.
All Lovely Stream lamps have RGB mode and lighting effects, and come in the most complete package to suit the user's needs.
The TOTU brand, established in 2012, is focused on creating mobile accessories that combine visual simplicity and aesthetics with high practical value.
The first achievements of the company in the market were related to aesthetic accessories for smartphones and tablets. TOTU cases quickly gained popularity due to their high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and interesting design solutions.
Today, with the trademark registered in more than 30 countries, TOTU maintains a reputation as a brand of superior quality and style in the mid-price segment.
The G-Case trademark was registered in 2013. The brand specializes in aesthetic accessories for mobile gadgets. It produces collections of cases for smartphones and tablets.
G-Case products are characterized by wear resistance due to high-quality materials (eco-leather, thermoplastic polyurethane). They effectively protect the device body from mechanical damage.
Dux Ducis is a brand of the Chinese company Dux Ducis Technology Co., Ltd., based in Shenzhen. The company is one of the leaders in the PRC in the development, production, and sales of accessories for digital devices. Every year, Dux Ducis produces more than 50 million units of products presented in 30 countries in Europe, North America, and other regions.
The key direction of production is aesthetic accessories: cases for mobile gadgets by Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo, etc.
A distinctive feature of Dux Ducis products is the combination of durability and elegant design with an affordable price.
Defense is an American brand of premium iPhone protective cases. They are made using shock-absorbing and ultra-strong materials. This provides protection against mechanical damage during drops from a height of up to 3 m, as confirmed by testing.
Defense accessories are compatible with the Qi power standard. Such a feature allows you to keep your smartphone protected by the case during wireless charging.
The Bling World is a luxury mobile accessories brand established in 2010. A key area of production is cases for the iPhone and AirPods, as well as straps for the Apple Watch.
A distinctive feature of Bling World is that each product is covered with a crystal inlay. The catchy and luxurious style of accessories, combined with the quality of workmanship and durability, has ensured their worldwide popularity: the company's products are available in the USA, Australia, Europe, and South America.
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