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Baseus Glitter Case with MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus/15 Plus

Article: 37620
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All characteristics
Category: Case
Brand: Baseus
Cover type: Cover plate
Device brand: Apple
Device model: iPhone 14 Plus/15 Plus
Features: Equipped with a magnet
Material type: РС
Style: Classic
Main characteristics:

- made of polycarbonate;
- thickness: 0.5 mm;
- smooth transparent surface;
- colored electroplated sides;
- built-in magnet;
- compatible with wireless charging;
- compatible with magnet holders;
- enhanced Air Armor camera protection;
- compatible with any protective glass;
- comes with tempered protective glass.

Stylish design

The back panel of the case is made of transparent polycarbonate. It is smooth and pleasant to the touch and does not hide the design of the iPhone’s body. The colored sides are painted by the electroplating method, so they do not fade or wear off, and also have an aesthetic texture of matte metal, and create a striking contrast. The ultra-thin accessory does not add bulk to the gadget, preserving the elegance and thoughtfulness of its design.

Built-in magnet

The case is equipped with a ring of 38 powerful N52 magnets. They strengthen the fixation of the smartphone on magnetic holders, and also increase the efficiency of wireless charging, keeping the gadget exactly in the induction zone.

Protective properties

Strong polycarbonate guarantees your iPhone reliable protection against mechanical damage. A microscopic dot grid, which prevents the formation of harmful condensate, covers the inner surface.

The multi-layered 0.3 mm Air Armor cover, which includes metal, thermoplastic polyurethane, and an air layer, protects the smartphone camera, absorbing the impact in the event of a fall and preventing cracks, scratches, and scuffs on the lenses.

Polycarbonate does not turn yellow after long-term use, is resistant to temperature changes, and is easily cleaned of dirt, so the case has a long service life.
Baseus Glitter Case with MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus/15 Plus
Article: 37620
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Baseus Glitter Case with MagSafe iPhone 14
Article: 37619
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