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X-Level Guardian (TPU Soft) iPhone 14 Plus/15 Plus

Article: 37438
All characteristics
Category: Case
Brand: X-Level
Cover type: Cover plate
Device brand: Apple
Device model: iPhone 14 Plus/15 Plus
Material type: TPU
Style: Classic
Main characteristics:

- made of flexible silicone (TPU);
- thickness: 0.8 mm;
- plain color;
- frosted exterior coating;
- protection of all side faces;
- protection of control buttons;
- protective edges around the camera and display;
- compatible with all protective glasses.

Classic design

The ultra-thin, flexible case that is easy to put on and will not make the smartphone bulkier. The nice-to-touch outer surface with a micro-texture of frosted metal is resistant to dirt, moisture, and fingerprints. The universal color palette can offer everyone a shade to like.

Protective properties

The accessory fits tightly to the iPhone on all sides, preventing the ingress of dust and dirt. The silicone coating inside helps avoid scratches and abrasions on the device’s body. The 0.4mm-high protective edges around the camera and display reduce the risk of defects forming on the lens and touchscreen.

Thanks to the micro-texture of the exterior coating, the smartphone in the case does not slip in your hand, and it helps not drop the gadget.

Thermoplastic polyurethane is resistant to deformation, the effect of ultraviolet light and temperature extremes, which is why the case does not stretch, crack, or fade in the sun.
X-Level Guardian (TPU Soft) iPhone 14 Plus/15 Plus
Article: 37438
1 design
Available 1 design:
dark green
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