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Electric scooter Proove Model X-City Pro (BLACK/RED)

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All characteristics
Device weight: 15 kg
Max Speed: up to 25 km/h
Maximum load: up to 100 kg
Power reserve: up to 40 km
Time to full charge: 5 hours
Wheel diameter: 10 inches
Wheel type: chamber wheels
The Model X-City Pro will appeal to the most demanding!

Main characteristics:

- Wheel diameter: 10';
- Battery type: lithium;
- Tires: pneumatic;
- Scooter weight: 15 kg;
- Battery manufacturer: LG;
- Max. power reserve: 40 km;
- Water resistance: IPX54;
- Battery capacity: 10 Ah/36 V;
- Rated power: 350 W;
- Full charge time: up to 5 hours;
- Frame material: aircraft aluminum;
- Top speed: up to 25 km/h;
- LED light on the front and rear;
- Folded size: 460x1083x430 mm;
- Unfolded size: 1186x1083x430 mm.

Technical characteristics
The Model X-City Pro has a maximum power of 350 W and a maximum speed of 25 km/h, which allows you to move efficiently around the city and quickly gain the necessary speed. The electric scooter is equipped with a 10 Ah battery with a current of 36 V, which allows it to travel up to 40 km, depending on the speed of movement.

Cruise control function - allows you to fix a certain speed of the electric scooter, which will not only facilitate the control process, but also save battery power.

Construction and design
Model X-City Pro is made of aircraft aluminum and has a folding design. This makes it easy to carry and store at home. All cables and wires are routed through the inside of the scooter's frame, so they won't get in the way while you're driving. The scooter has a stylish design that combines black and blue or red and black colors.

Safety and comfort
The Model X-City Pro has reliable disc brakes that perfectly reflect the speed of the scooter. Three speed modes allow you to customize the pace for yourself or your child. The platform has a relief structure, thanks to which the legs are firmly held in place. Also, the scooter has a removable battery, so you can leave the scooter, for example, in the pantry and charge the battery at home.
Electric scooter Proove Model X-City Pro (BLACK/RED)
Article: 29290
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Electric scooter Proove Model X-City Pro (BLACK/RED)
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Electric scooter Proove Model X-City Pro (BLACK/BLUE)
Article: 28087
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Available 1 дизайн:
Electric scooter Proove Model X-City Pro (BLACK/BLUE)
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