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Cable Hoco U107 USB to USB-female (1.2m)

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Hoco U107 USB to USB-female (1.2m) is an extension cable for devices with a USB connector.

Main characteristics:

- interface: USB plug + USB input;
- USB standard: 3.0;
- data transfer rate: up to 5 Gbps;
- current strength: up to 3 A;
- OTG support;
- material: aluminum alloy + braid;
- length: 1.2 m.

More connectivity

If there is not enough length of a standard cable, Hoco U107 USB to USB-female will come to the rescue. The length of 1.2 m, OTG support for connecting flash drives, hubs, controllers, and other devices, as well as high data transfer speed, make it a versatile and multi-purpose accessory.

Charging and data transfer

The USB 3.0 standard supports data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps for high-speed file downloads. The charging current when using a common cable is 2A, in combination with a Type-C 5A cable, it rises to 3A.

Protective properties

Cable connectors are made of aluminum alloy, resistant to corrosion. Durable braid bends well without cracking or breaking.
Cable Hoco U107 USB to USB-female (1.2m)
Article: 38438
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