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Shadow Matte Metal Buttons iPhone 13 Pro

Article: 33341
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All characteristics
Category: Case
Brand: PRC
Cover type: Cover plate
Device brand: Apple
Device model: iPhone 13 Pro
Material type: PC and TPU
Style: Creative
Main characteristics:

- made of plastic and TPU-silicone;
- matte translucent surface;
- soft touch coating;
- metal buttons;
- protection of all side faces;
- protective edge around the camera;
- a protective edge around the display;
- compatible with all protective glasses.

Refined design

The case's translucent lid exposes the iPhone's body and signature apple logo for a subtle misty effect. The soft touch matte finish is pleasant to the touch. The edges, painted in elegant shades, frame the gadget, emphasizing the aesthetics of the thoughtful design of the smartphone. The metal buttons on the buttons add a catchy touch of style, drawing attention to the sophistication of your gadget's design.

Protective properties

Modern high-quality polymers ensure that the accessory is resistant to physical impact, ultraviolet radiation and temperature extremes, so it does not turn yellow, does not stretch or become cracked.

Thanks to silicone, the case fits tightly to the iPhone on all sides, preventing ingress of dust and dirt, protecting it from chips and scuffs. The durable plastic base retains its strict shape and protects the device from mechanical damage upon impact.

The protective collar around the camera and display prevents contact with hard surfaces, which can cause defects. You can safely put your smartphone in a convenient place without worrying about scratches on the lens or screen.

The inner coating has a microscopic dot grid that prevents the case from sticking to the body of the device and the formation of harmful condensation.
Shadow Matte Metal Buttons iPhone 13 Pro
Article: 33341
1 design
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Shadow Matte Metal Buttons iPhone 12 Pro Max
Article: 33614
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Available 1 design:
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