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OTG flash drive LEXAR Dual Drive D30c USB to Type-C (USB 3.1) 256GB

Article: 37479
All characteristics
Housing material: Aluminum
Type of shell: Rotatable body
Interface: USB 3.0 / Type-C
Memory capacity: 256 GB
The OTG LEXAR Dual Drive D30c drive is a reliable choice for data protection and storage.

Main characteristics:

- memory capacity: 256 GB;
- two connectors: USB + Type-C;
- rotary metal casing;
- the casing has a hole for fixation;
- USB standard: 3.1 Gen 1;
- support for OTG;
- reading speed: up to 150 MB/s;
- writing speed: up to 50 MB/s;
- uses 256-bit AES encryption;
- working temperature: 0 °C–60 °C;
- storage temperature: -20 °C–85 °C;
- compatibility: PC, Mac, other laptops, smartphones, and tablets that support OTG.

A trusted brand

Lexar is a leading brand of storage devices, established in 1996 in America. Since 2017, it has been owned by Shenzhen Longsys Electronics, which built Lexar International headquarters in San Jose, California, branches in Shenzhen and Taiwan, and established a Hong Kong-based subsidiary Lexar Co.Ltd.

The brand is known on the market for unique and original solutions, and its memory cards have repeatedly won awards in the Red Dot Award and Photography News nominations.

The Lexar Dual Drive D30c drives are designed so that the user can store important data and be sure that it is safe.

The premium memory solution

The USB 3.1 Gen 1 standard and high writing and reading speed (up to 150 MB/s and 50 MB/s accordingly) allow you to quickly download photos, videos, and other files.

Two connectors, USB and Type-C, plus OTG support create a universal drive with which data transfer between computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets becomes faster and more convenient.

The rotary metal casing looks elegant and protects the connector which is not in use, and with the help of a special hole, the drive can be fixed anywhere, like on the keys, so that it is always with you.

High level of security

The Dual Drive D30c provides security with AES-256 hardware encryption, which even the NSA uses. The first time the flash drive is connected to the USB, the user will be prompted to set a password, which will be requested every time the drive is used. And if the user decides to delete the file to maintain their privacy, it will be impossible to recover even with special software.

The product’s functionality has been tested using over 1,100 digital devices and it has proven to be resistant to damage and extreme temperatures.
OTG flash drive LEXAR Dual Drive D30c USB to Type-C (USB 3.1) 256GB
Article: 37479
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OTG flash drive LEXAR Dual Drive D30c USB to Type-C (USB 3.1) 256GB
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