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Protective glass BLADE PRO Series Full Glue iPhone Xs Max/11 Pro Max without packaging

Article: 35726
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All characteristics
Category: Glass
Brand: BLADE
Device manufacturer: Apple
Device model: iPhone Xs Max/11 Pro Max
Device type: Smartphone
Format: Flat
Glass Type: Full Glue
Package: Without packaging
Product type: Glass
With mesh speaker: No
BLADE PRO Series Full Glue is a high-strength, ultra-thin safety glass!

Main features:

- Packaged;
- High transparency;
- Glossy surface;
- Oleophobic coating;
- High-quality adhesive base;
- Hardness coefficient 9H.

Protective properties

The protective glass is reinforced with a high content of aluminum and has a hardness coefficient of 9H on the Mohs scale. The glass reliably protects the smartphone display from mechanical damage, as well as shocks, scratches and abrasions.

Package contents

BLADE PRO Series Full Glue comes in a package that contains everything you need for installation: stickers to remove dust from the display surface and wipes to clean it.


BLADE PRO Series Full Glue, thanks to its oleophobic coating, repels moisture and prevents fingerprints. The transparency of the glass ensures high quality color reproduction and image clarity.

Easy to install

The entire surface of BLADE PRO Series Full Glue is coated with a high-quality AB adhesive with an antistatic effect that prevents dust from getting on the adhesive base. This combination ensures good adhesion and no air gap.
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