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Protective glass FULL SCREEN ACHILLES iPhone Xr/11

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All characteristics
Device manufacturer: Apple
Device model: iPhone Xr/11
Device type: Smartphone
Features: Tempered
Format: Fullscreen 3D
Glass Type: Full Screen
Package: Packaged
Product type: Glass
With mesh speaker: Yes
Main characteristics:

- in a package;
- mesh to protect the speaker;
- high-quality oleophobic coating;
- hardness level 9H;
- crystal transparency;
- antibacterial coating;
- 3D rounded edges.

Protective glass FULL SCREEN ACHILLES is designed for Apple smartphones. It completely covers the screen surface and prevents the risk of damaging it.
It is manufactured in a high-tech factory in China for the Japanese market and undergoes rigorous multi-level quality checks.


This is tempered glass, which has a high level of hardness — 9H; thanks to it, even with frequent use of the device on its screen, there will be no scratches and other damage.


Daikin's high-quality Optool oleophobic coating helps to avoid smudges and fingerprints on the screen surface and improves gliding on the screen. The coating is wear-resistant; its lifetime of use is about 10,000 swipes.


A high-quality adhesive base helps you install the glass on the screen yourself and without any extra effort. The kit includes a dust removal sticker, a wet wipe, and a microfiber that can be used to clean the display before installation.


All glasses undergo a multi-stage check of quality and compliance with the declared characteristics. As a result, they have the lowest defect rate on the market.
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