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ACHILLES | assortment update

The assortment of Achilles, the brand of first-class gadgets for the iPhone’s protection, has been enriched with a new product. The Camera Protection Achilles was made to help the smartphone’s owner save the camera from damage, preserving the quality of photos and videos.


Camera protection


The accessory is made of tempered glass with a hardness factor of 9H on the Mohs scale that is resistant to cracks, scratches, and other mechanical damage. When the smartphone lies on a hard surface, in a pocket or bag, with keys—with Achilles glasses, both the camera and display are protected.


Content quality


The glass has crystal transparency, which is why the colors, clearness, and contrast of photographs and videos remain the same. A branded oleophobic coating prevents stains and fingerprints, which eliminates the need to clean the camera again before every shot.


Aesthetic add-on to the iPhone


The product blends harmoniously with the smartphone’s design, preserving the finesse and thoughtfulness of every line. The cameras are surrounded by colored frames whose shade is selected to match the iPhone’s visual design. This creates an impression of the native design without any modifications.


Fast and easy installation


Thanks to the special module, the protection is installed on all cameras in parallel without additional fitting. This simplifies installation, and the camera format on every iPhone model is accurately taken into account. The high-adhesive base ensures stable and prolonged fixation of the accessory.


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