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The goods of the Chinese company Hoco compete confidently with the world leaders in the production of accessories for mobile devices. The entire collection of brand products is presented in a convenient online catalog. It is easy to select the necessary goods. If you have questions or doubts, please contact our support team. Experienced and friendly managers will help you choose a popular product for your market segment. A popular product from a Chinese manufacturer is network chargers. You can buy a Hoko mains charger in bulk from us at a low cost. Invest only $100 in a profitable product. Your investment will pay off quickly. What attracts a buyer in Hoco chargers Consumers appreciate Hoco smartphone storage devices for their functionality, long service life, and ergonomics. It is a Hoco SZU European-style plug adapter. It is compatible with the power supply system of Ukraine. We offer only popular models: equipped with branded power cord; providing energy to several devices at the same time, for which two USB ports are used; the output current is 1.0A 2.4 (2.1)A 3.0A. You can choose a device that will provide charging in the car not only for a smartphone, but also for other digital equipment. supporting fast charging. Network chargers from a Chinese company are compatible with all modern communicators, as well as apple technology that supports a lightning connection. The price of Hoco SZU is commensurate with the quality of the goods and is affordable for the average buyer. When choosing a set of Hoco products for your store, you definitely won't go wrong. Feel free to dial the number indicated on the site, place an order, and we will not let you down. The goods will be delivered on time and will not be damaged during transportation: managers clearly control the moment of packing the order.
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