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Service conditions

We constantly improve service conditions for the convenience of our customers.

No matter what kind of project you want to start: starting a business, opening another store or mall kiosk, or just adding a showcase with new products, you are a hero!

We welcome new startups and initiatives that protect national economy, and we want to do everything possible to help you achieve success.
Effective procurement planning has always been an integral part of a successful business, and today the issue of rational budget management has reached its peak.

While keeping your personal and commercial data private, we have created a unified client ecosystem that gives you the opportunity to observe market movements and trends in real time.
With us, you are free from the restrictions of the supplier's internal business processes and can solve your tasks in a way that is convenient for you.

Do you prefer to work in a flow, love brainstorming and live communication, or do you want to get maximum information with a minimum of interactions? Your comfort is always a priority.
Your tools
Your team
Personal manager
Head of Sales Department
Casey Virtual Assistant
Blade screen protection support
Ncase.ua and XML support
How to make a successful and catchy presentation of a product to the end-user, emphasize the product's features, and fill your online platform with content?

Our studio will help you solve the problem—for free, we will provide you with all the marketing materials you need.
* On average, it takes 120 minutes from the moment you place an order until it's ready to ship.
We reserve
goods within 1 minute after the order has been placed on the site.
We confirm
the order with your manager within 15 minutes after its registration.
We agree
on product items in the invoice. We will correct the order if you need to change it.
We pick
the order in 5–60 minutes, depending on the volume of ordered products.
We check
the integrity, quantity and compliance of the goods specified by you in the order.
We pack
goods strictly in order they are in the invoice, so that you can quickly receipt them. Along with the order, you will receive an invoice and warranty terms.
We ship
goods on the day of order, if you managed to place it before 12.00 pm. If you place an order after 12:00 pm, we ship it the next day.
* You can track the status of your order in your personal account.
Nova PoshtaNova Poshta

Our company pays for delivery within the courier service of Nova Poshta. We ship the goods on the day of the order. If you place an order after 12.00 pm, we will ship the next day.

Nova PoshtaCourier delivery
Our courier will deliver the order to the address of your retail facility or warehouse specified by you. This service is available only in Odesa. 
Nova PoshtaPickup at the showroom

Odesa, 1/20 Marazliivs'ka st

entrance D1 (Shevchenka park/Chornomorets' stadium)

Lviv, 9 Ferentsa Lista st

Kyiv, 189 Porichkova st

You can return the product within 7 days after placing the order, provided that you keep the original appearance of the product/packaging and pay for shipping.
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