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SkinArma Case Hasso Series (PC+TPU) iPhone 12/12 Pro

Article: 31321
All characteristics
Category: Case
Brand: SkinArma
Cover type: Cover plate
Device brand: Apple
Device model: iPhone 12/12 Pro
Material type: PC and TPU
Style: With designs
Main characteristics

- original design;
- made of plastic, silicone and leather;
- enhanced protection in the corners;
- protects all side faces;
- equipped with a strap holder for convenient holding the smartphone in hand;
- protective edges around the phone display;
- has a stand function;
- compatible with all protective glasses.

Unique design

The outer surface of the case is made of leather, so it does not get fingerprints on. The bright print does not wear off even after prolonged use, because it is applied in several layers.

The case fits snugly to the buttons and contours of your device without adding bulk. Available in several stylish designs.

Strap holder

The strap helps to fix the phone in your hand. It can also be used as a stand, so you place your phone in a horizontal position for perfect video watching.

Protective properties

The back is made of durable material and the sides are made of silicone for a better grip on the buttons.

The case withstands external damage and does not stretch. Resistant to temperature changes and does not fade under the influence of sunlight.

Corners with additional protection serve as shock absorbers when the phone is dropped on the side faces.
SkinArma Case Hasso Series (PC+TPU) iPhone 12/12 Pro
Article: 31321
1 design
Available 1 design:
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