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Protective glass FULL SCREEN KAIJU GLASS Dragon Series iPhone 12 Mini

Article: 30667
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All characteristics
Brand: KAIJU
Device model: iPhone 12 mini
Device manufacturer: Apple
Package: Packaged
With mesh speaker: No
Device type: Smartphone
Product type: Glass
Format: Fullscreen 3D
Glass Type: Full Screen
KAIJU GLASS has a specially designed five-layer formula to increase the stability and protection of your smartphone. Each layer meets the highest quality standards:

1. Fingerprint and scratch resistant coating tested to a hardness of 9H on the Mohs scale
2. Tempered glass (made of high-quality Japanese materials) for a smooth feel and increased durability
3. Base polyurethane core that maintains the integrity of the glass parts
4. Anti-reflective layer eliminates glare that is formed when the light flux passes through the protective glass
5. High-quality adhesive acrylic layer for easy gluing
6. Includes a film for the back surface of the smartphone
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